Crash Bandicoot N. sane Trilogy (Review)

As every kid, there was one gaming character that held a special place in my heart, the one that was my favorite. When I first played Crash Bandicoot, on the original playstation, it was just fantastic! I fell in love with the fox-like creature that weared jeans, jumping around boxes in a colourful environment. Years later, I was so happy to hear that the series was about to be remastered. The remastered version has 3 games: the original Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back and Warped. It’s time for Crash to jump in the next generation of consoles and bring back childhood memories once again!

Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy has 5 sections to interact with: Graphics, Gameplay, Story, Variety and Audio. Each section can score up to a certain point, depending on the significance this section holds for the game. Gameplay is one of most important parts, so it can score a maximum of 3 points. Graphics are the other most important part, with a ceiling of 3 points. Since variety is also essential for replay value, its max score is 2 points. The story follows, with 1 points and, last but not least, comes the audio, with max score of 1 point. In sum, if the game ends up being perfect, it will be rated as 10/10!

All 3 games have been built from the ground up, so it’s not just an upgraded version with better colors. We now have a visually refreshed game that will make its’ improvement stand out, especially to those who have played the originals before!

The game looks different and similar at the same time: different because everything is more detailed and good looking from when it was back then and similar due to the design of the environment and the characters. I could never imagine that the difference will be that noticeable.

Crash is now at his best; even his spin attack is better as the animation is more satisfying. Whether on an icy land or in a forest, every element is as good as it can be.

Graphics: 3/3

The controls are pretty basic at first. Crash can run, jump and attack and that’s all there is to his “superpowers”. Elemental as these moves may seem, the spectacular design both of the game as a whole as well as of the enemies proves that winning can be actually challenging. In the second game, Crash acquires the ability to crouch and body smash. In the 3rd, he shall acquire a few more.

I never got bored because the levels, the environment as well as the enemies behave differently. When attacking, it’s vital to detect the enemy’s weaknesses, see the opportunity and capitalize.

Be careful though; one mistake can be fatal! Also, bear in mind that Crash doesn’t have a life bar but he’s down with 1 hit instead. Thankfully Aku, a floating piece of wood that can talk, will assist Crash by giving him a second chance if he’s getting hit. Better be aware of where Aku might be found as if you manage to collect him twice, he’ll give Crash a second life. In addition, the 3rd Aku will make Crash invincible for a short period of time.

Through his journey, there are a lot of apples for Crash to collect. You may ask yourselves why does he care that match about apples. Well, because he’s hungry… and because when the number of apples reaches 100, Crash will obtain 1 more life. It’s ideal to have as many lives as possible. Since getting past some levels can be pretty hard, you want to make sure that there are some lives for you to spend. Lives are essential to return to your checkpoints so, if you lose them all, you shall retry the whole level starting with 4 lives.

The gameplay is so amusing that both new and old players will enjoy it! How could anyone ask for more?

Gameplay: 2.8/3


The story is pretty simple: Cortex, an evil scientist, is planning to dominate the world and for that, he’s doing some experiments. Everything went according to the plan until one of his test subjects ran away from his lab. Guess who’s the fugitive…Crash must now find a way to stop the evil scientist with the help of Aku. The narrative is a little different from what we’ve seen so far since there are only a few (but still enough to fill in the story) cut-scenes per game.

Story: 0.8/1


N. sane trilogy has all 3 games of Crash Bandicoot, which is, by itself, a lot of content. When you start up, you can freely choose a game without any need to play them in the correct order.

Each game has more than
25 levels and 5 bosses (the first game has 6) to clear. Every level has crystals, gems or artifacts waiting for you. Crystals are the easiest and most essential elements to make progress, although you’ll need to do all sorts of tasks (break all boxes, beat the clock etc) in order to reach 100%. It’s not possible to collect all of them in one go, though, as locked secret paths become available after completing an objective at a later level. You’d better revisit a level if you crave for that 100%, fellow gamers!

If you thought that Crash could only spin his way across the land, then you were wrong. In some levels Crash can surf, pilot a plane, dive into ocean waters and more! All the above make good additions and are quite fun as well!

When you switch games you’ll find out that there is always something new to learn and explore. In Crash Bandicoot Warped (the 3rd game), Crash will unlock a new ability for every boss he defeats. These abilities will be very helpful in completing tasks that are otherwise impossible to finish.

All in all, 3 classic games in 1 package is a good deal. There is a ton of things to do if you aim at fully completing the entire game.


Variety: 2/2

The passage of time since we, the old fans, heard Crash makes his voice sound even better! The simple and characteristic words he uses, though, will only be heard during gameplay. As I previously noted, there are only a few cut-scenes and so the dialogue isn’t that big of a part. Cortex, however, has his villainous and decent voice-starring in most cut-scenes while Crash, on the other hand, isn’t that much of a talker; in fact, he won’t even make his usual sounds (that make up his whole vocabulary), like the “Wow!” thing when he falls.

As for the soundtracks, they are of great quality and quantity. The only minor thing I have to mention is that in one or two moments the soundtrack doesn’t fit with the action very well. For example, I’m in a dark volcanic place and a dinosaur is after me. Instead of being accompanied with some intimidating music, I had to deal with a calm rhythm.

Audio: 1/1

This is the pinnacle of how a remastered game should be: great, enhanced graphics and an amusing gameplay. It can truly offer an enjoyable experience for everyone. All things considered, I hope we’ll get to see our beloved Bandicoot again in a future that will hold for better sequels than the last ones.



Graphics: 3/3

Gameplay: 2.8/3

Story: 0.8/1

Variety: 2/2

Audio: 1/1

Overall: 9.6/10

(Reviewed on PlayStation 4)

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