Lego Star Wars – The Force Awakens – Deluxe Edition (Review)

TT games returns with another Lego Star Wars installment, this time based on the homonym 7th Star Wars movie. Break bricks, collect studs and blast your way through 100%, this is a typical of a Lego video game. Let’s see, however, if this entry to the series is unique and finally, if the Force is strong with this game.

Lego Star Wars TFA has 5 sections to interact with: Graphics, Gameplay, Story, Variety and Audio. Each section can score up to a certain point, depending on the significance this section holds for the game. Gameplay is the most important part, so it can score a maximum of 3 points. Graphics take on the second place, with a ceiling of 2.5 points. Since variety in an open world game is also essential for replay value, its’ max score is 2 points. Story follows, with 1.5 points and, last but not least, comes the audio, with max score of 1 point. In sum, if the game ends up being perfect, it will be rated as 10/10!


Supposing I had to describe the World of this Lego game with one word, I would simply say “beautiful”. Everything from the trees of Takodana to the snow of Starkiller Base and the dessert of Jakku. All the landscapes are a great adaptation of the one’s we’ve seen in the movie and have, of course, their own unique Lego touch. The characters are in great detail and also have facial expressions. Not forget to mention that Lego Darth Vader has never looked so clean before!


Flaws: None!

Graphics: 2.5/2.5


Lego video games are known for their classic and easy gameplay. This time around we have the addition of the Combat Bar, which fills when you fight enemies and nullifies when the character is neutralized. When the bar is full, the character can perform a Super Move which kills all the enemies that surround him. Although the main characters of the game have their unique Super Move, others have the same. Nonetheless, this is a great way to “break” the routine of disassembling enemies.

Moreover, the Dodge move, which is basically a front flip, is a great way to deal with a large number of enemies. My personal experience says that dodging the enemy’s blast fire is a way more fascinating means of winning out in the end!

Another new feature is blaster battles, very similar to Gears of War: wait for the enemy before you blast him or try to complete your objective while remaining hidden. I feel that this mode fits in a Star Wars game perfectly!

Fortunately, the game did not choke on its’ inspiration; it has over 250 heroes and villains to collect, from the classic Darth Vader to the new blood Kylo Ren. Most of them feel different, with their own move-set and abilities. Overall, the gameplay is your classic Lego experience: break stuff, build new from the ruins and get to the desired point!

Keep also in mind that, after completing a level, returning to free play is essential if you want to access areas otherwise you cannot.

As far as Space Battles are concerned, IT’S NOT A TRAP!!! It feels like you are a part of the Star Wars Battles. The ship’s controls are simple but effective. I was either in an auto-pilot mode, destroying everything in my path, or in a large area, fighting against enemy ships.


  • The ability to change character through the character menu is not available until the main story is complete.
  • I was not sure, on occasion, whether I was about to perform the action I wanted, since some buttons are linked to more than one actions.
  • In free play mode, while I could choose one character out of 6, the other 5 were randomly selected and, most of the time, useless, forcing me to open the character menu and search for the one needed.
  • C3PO shouldn’t be able to ride a vehicle.
  • In the previous games, Force Wielders and other Acrobatic characters could perform an aerial front flip, however this is not the case now. Although this is not such a big deal, it seems a little odd to see them do a backflip so effortlessly.
  • The Final Boss Battle is not that much of a lightsaber fight as I expected, but rather a combination of quick time events and puzzles.

Gameplay: 2.2/2.5


The Main Story is based on the movie and doesn’t hide many surprises: it follows the adventures of Finn, Rey and the Resistance, who dedicate their strength to fighting against the First Order. I cannot deny, however, that I found myself laughing at the hilarious moments which the cutscenes and the dialogues provided!

In addition, the Extra Missions you unlock as you progress are Canon and not included in the movie. It was interesting to find out more of what happened before and in meantime of the events of the film. My favorite Extra Mission is rescuing Admiral Akbar from the First Order, mainly because of this Scene!

(Poe and Admiral Akbar must escape from the First Order. When they take the elevator they see Stormtroopers working out!)


  • A little more information of what happened to Luke and Kylo Ren before the movie would please my appetite to the fullest.

Story: 1.7/2


There are 21 missions, 12 of which are the main ones and 9 the extras (extras?). Furthermore, there are 259 gold bricks in total, which are collected through story missions and activities in the open worlds. I’ll make a small reminder here: it is essential to return to each mission in free play in order to take all 3 gold bricks!

Adding to the game’s variety, there are 5 open world hubs: Takodana, Jakku, Starkiller Base, D’Qar and the Millenmium Falcon. In each hub there are Side Missions for the Resistance, the First Order, Scavenger, General missions and Races. Each mission’s reward is 1 gold brick.

Moreover, since characters are scattered throughout the open world(,) I had to find them to purchase them using studs (lego money). Μy favorite part, though, was collecting Carbonite Bricks. These bricks hide a classic character within, so all you have to do is head to the Resistance Base to unlock them. What is most interesting is that you won’t know which character each brick contains until you unlock him/her. I hope you will feel as happy as I felt when Darth Maul and Obi-Wan were finally in my hands.


  • Side Missions sometimes feel the same

Variety: 1.8/2


Most of the soundtracks used are from the 7th movie and some others from the originals. Music was always a part of my playthrough and added to the feeling of the experience. As for the sounds, they are as “Star Wars-like” as I expected. I appreciate the fact that each lightsaber have its’ own sound effects!

The voice of the characters is portrayed by the same actors as the movie, which is actually great(!)


  • The voices’ volume seems to be a little low and, in one or two occasions, feels lifeless.
  •  When I changed my character to a lightsaber wielder, deactivation sound effect pops up without the lightsaber being previously active.

Audio: 0.8/1


Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a great lego game, although it did not provide an experience I would easily call unique. It is, however, a worth playing title, especially if you are a fan of Star Wars, like me. Finally, I can freely say that I feel the force is strong with this game! May the force be with you…always!!!

Graphics: 2.5/2.5

Gameplay: 2.2/2.5

Story: 1.7/2

Variety: 1.8/2

Audio: 0.8/1

Overall: 9

(Reviewed on Xbox One)

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